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is my injured employee ready to return to work?

why does my body ache from working at a desk all day?

will my new candidate meet the physical demands of the job?

who can train my staff on using proper lifting techniques?

where do I start in developing a physical demands analysis for the new position in the company?

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Our Registered Kinesiologists have a unique understanding of human movements. Through clinical observations and objective measurements, they can evaluate and make recommendations, within their scope of practice, that may reduce the effects of an injury or impairment, allowing for a more active work and home lifestyle.



Our services come to you.

We operate as a mobile service provider and we bring all of the testing equipment and seminar tools directly to our client's jobsite during their regular scheduled work hours.

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Prevention of workplace injuries and having a return to work program in place for injured employees may help to decrease expenses/costs associated with employees paid time off work following a sustained injury or impairment.

Staff education on proper body mechanics is a great service to help employees understand the risks associated with improper lifting techniques.

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Office Ergonomic Evaluation

Functional Capacity Evaluation

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The main goal of a personalized ergonomic evaluation is to set up the office space so that it fits the worker, to the job they are doing.

People respond to ergonomic risk factors in individual ways. Some tasks can injure one worker, while others performing the same tasks may not experience any symptoms. Even minor ergonomic changes can have positive outcomes to a worker's comfort and may even help to reduce the risk of workplace musculoskeletal disease (WMSDs).

Our personalized ergonomic evaluation includes; referral review, employee medical review, PDA review, 1h on-site testing, and comprehensive final report with recommendations for ergonomic interventions if required.

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A functional capacity evaluation (FCE) is an objective way to measure a person's current functional ability to perform personal and/or job-related tasks.

An FCE is an evidence-based way to demonstrate the strengths and limitations of a worker, which is then used to determine if their current abilities match the job demands.

FCE's are performed by qualified health professionals and commonly used in return to work programs.

Our FCE includes; referral review, employee medical review, PDA review,

on-site testing and comprehensive final report with return to work recommendations.

2 Day FCE's are also available at an additional cost.

Physical Demands Analysis

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A physical demands analysis (PDA) is a systematic procedure to quantify, and evaluate all of the physical, cognitive and environmental demand components of a specific job title.

PDAs include a brief summary about the job, a list of the frequency and duration of each specific job task and information about the equipment/tools and personal protective equipment required.

PDAs are great tools for company's to have. They are used for POETs, return to work programs and job postings.

Our PDA includes; referral review, previous PDA review, meeting with the hiring company's representative, on-site testing and comprehensive final report.

Post Offer Employment Test

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A post offer employment test (POET) occurs after a candidate receives a job offer but before they begin work as an employee.

POETs objectively measure the candidates' physical ability to perform specific job-related tasks safely.

POETs protect potential workers from possible painful injuries. They may also help companies to decrease expenses/costs associated with employees paid time off work following a sustained injury, by preventing potential candidates from overestimating their physical abilities.

Our POET includes; referral review, PDA review, candidate medical review, on-site testing and comprehensive final report with recommendations.

Proper Body Mechanics Seminar


Everyone can benefit from reminders on how to protect our backs when lifting. Our seminar is a great option for annual/continuing education for your staff.

This 45min seminar provides education on the proper lifting techniques, which may help to reduce the risk of injury when lifting improperly. Basic anatomy of the spine and common back injures will also be discussed.

The seminar can be geared towards; administration, trades or healthcare personnel.

Our proper body mechanics seminar includes a Power Point slide show presented

on-site by a Registered Kinesiologist, demonstration of proper lifting techniques and handout for all participants. Approximately 1h in length (45 min presentation followed by 15min Q&A session)

Cognitive Demands Analysis

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A cognitive demands analysis (CDA) is a detailed, objective evaluation of the specific cognitive, emotional, and psychological skills required to perform essential and non-essential tasks of a job.

CDAs include a brief summary about the job, a list of the frequency and duration of each specific job task. Details and information about the following required skills will also be included; memory, attention, critical thinking, problem solving, self-supervision/regulation, interpersonal skills, work pressures and deadlines.

Our CDA includes; referral review, PDA review, on-site testing and comprehensive final report with recommendations.

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